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Leather jumping rope with wooden handle – hand made – with ball bearings and removable weights – Jumping rope for adults – finally a leather skipping rope with adjustable length – last jump rope you will ever need – The best investment for your dream figure and health


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Why should you start skipping with weighted skipping rope

A lot of people are looking for a miracle tools which could help them to get in shape in extremely short period of time. The problem is obvious – it is not working like that. When someone is trying to loose body fat and none of magical tools are working like they promised, he or she is willing to spend a lot of money on memberships to the gyms, supplements and another expensive things. And if anybody is talking about health, having excess weight on your body can cause some complications. On the other hand, what can be easier and cheaper than buying a high-quality weighted leather skipping rope? If you choose the right one, it will be longlasting and beneficial for your health as well. Skipping is a very challenging exercise and you can compare your skills with other friends, or, in some countries, in a big national competitions. Skipping with weighted leather skipping rope has a very high impact on your health, because you train the whole cardiovascular system and burn calories. And what more, in comparison to another cardio exercises you burn much more calories in less time because of skipping intensity! So, if you want to loose body fat in as short period of time as possible, you would change your training routine and start skipping with your own weighted skipping rope every day! What is good on skipping is that it engages your whole body, emphasis on leg muscles, mainly calves. And the best option is to buy weighted skipping rope, because is has a lot of benefits over classic speed and skipping ropes....

Why should you start using weighted skipping rope

Skipping rope is one of the oldest and probably the easiest sports exercises. Skipping rope is also one of the most affordable sports tools fits perfectly for home usage and even for your journeys. And what more, nowaday we have got a major advanatage over predecessors – we can use a weighted skipping rope!  Compared to hard fitness machines, we can very easily export the weighted skipping rope and take it everywhere with us. Skipping rope is very challenging cardio exercise. Just a few minutes of skipping will let your heart function and bloodstream work. During 30 minutes of weighted skipping could a man with 80 kilograms of weight burn something about 400 calories. Approximately the same value will you reach during 10 kilometres of jogging, but for 10 kilometres run you need 60 minutes (at normal speed). In addition to burning calories, aerobic exercises such as running and skipping rope will increase your stamina, reduce health risks and manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. Both running and skipping rope can be anaerobic exercises if you increase your pace. Pushing your heart rate to 80 or 90 percent of its maximum through speed rope or sprinting will put you in the anaerobic zone, causing you to burn more calories without losing muscle mass. So, now you can see how effective the weighted skipping rope can be. Of course, skipping rope trains primary your legs. Through a lot of small steps and very short contacts with the ground trains skipping even your speed and not only strength. Skipping rope also teaches you to coordinate your body....

Weighted Jump Rope Provides Many Health Benefits

  The weighted jump role is simply like a normal or typical jumping rope with the exception of having extra weight on the handle of the jump rope or the whole rope is heavier. The additional weight makes turning the weighted rope a lot harder and it is also difficult or hard to jump as the user has extra weight holding him or her down. Perhaps one may ask himself why he should use a weighted jumping rope when he can use a standard or normal jump rope or what people called a speed rope. The reason why using a weighted jump rope over the standard jump rope is that the first one is a lot harder to swing around, so the user needs to utilize more strength as well as energy to utilize it. The more weight that is needed to swing the rope, the harder it will be. One remarkable benefit of utilizing a weighted jumping rope is that it will improve the vertical of users when they work out or exercise with their weighted rope enough. When they can give some time every day to working out with the weighted rope, they will be capable of jumping higher in no time. Users will also develop a more unstable jump, which is very much valuable for sports such as basketball and volleyball when they want to be able to jump when the opponent is holding them down. Another remarkable benefit that a weighted jump rope provides is that arms will also be strengthened. It’s difficult or hard to swing a heavy rope around constantly, so users will...

Running or Skipping rope?

When it comes to working out and exercising, finding the best aerobic exercise for you depends on your personal fitness goals. The question seems obvious : running or skipping rope? Both running and skipping rope burn calories, improve endurance and have lots of comparable health benefits that come along with aerobic exercise. Jump rope may have more ancillary benefits than running, but it also has a steep learning curve, so you’ve got to know what you’re doing to get the most out of a rope routine. 

Calories burned
The number of calories you’ll burn running or with a jump rope depends on your work rate and body weight, but they are similar. A 155-pound person will burn about 596 calories running at 5 miles per hour for one hour, according to Harvard Health Publications. The same person will burn 744 calories in an hour of skipping rope.

Other Benefits. In addition to burning calories, aerobic exercises such as running and skipping rope will increase your stamina, reduce health risks and manage chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol. Both running and skipping rope can be anaerobic exercises if you increase your pace. Pushing your heart rate to 80 or 90 percent of its maximum through speed rope or sprinting will put you in the anaerobic zone, causing you to burn more calories without losing muscle mass.

The Superior Exercise Skipping rope has a few distinct advantages over running in that it involves upper-body muscles more, increasing strength in your arms, shoulders and back. Boxers and mixed martial arts fighters use skipping rope to improve coordination, footwork and agility — benefits...

Jump Rope Golden Stallion

It is well-known that Golden Stallion Skipping Rope provides very strong experience from jumping. You can see this on the Youtube video where is a customer trying some jumping moves with his new weighted skipping rope for the first time : 

If you like it a want to get the real pleasure from jumping, Golden Stallion in now available on Amazon :...

Recommendation for Creating An Effective Jump Rope Workout

A very easy method to include skipping rope right into your normal session is by jumping rope as a workout for your normal task. You could obtain your physical body accustomed by gradually opening the rope expenses, and also tipping over the rope, rather than jumping over it. After that, you could begin jumping as soon as you feel you have actually heated up. A couple of mins of jumping  rope could conveniently be contributed to the start or end of an exercise, and also will certainly boost your exercise strength and also obtain your heart defeating quicker. Jump rope exercises are progressively preferred as a High Intensity Interval Training approach, or HIIT. This sort of exercise is defined by durations of extreme task rotated with durations of remainder as well as healing, duplicated as a pattern till the alloted time is completed. HIIT exercises can be very efficient at shedding calories, as this kind of exercise elevates your sitting metabolic process, enabling you to shed calories throughout the day, several hrs after the exercise ends. Like several tasks, appropriate set up as well as kind will certainly assist you prevent injury and also optimize your initiatives. Jumping rope needs a big room so you could open the rope without attacking anything. This likewise consists of lots of ceiling allowance. Furthermore, the area must offer so you are not using a lot stress on your knees and also hips. You could attempt a fitness center flooring, or wrap the area with a workout floor covering. When skipping, flex your knees somewhat as well as arrive on the rounds of...

Easy Ways To Enhance Your Calorie Burn With A Jumping Rope Exercise

Skiiping rope is an excellent exercise with countless health and fitness advantages, plus its additionally among the very best workouts around if you intend to shed a huge quantity of calories. Jumping rope on a regular basis will enhance your cardio health and fitness and also elevate your metabolic rate. Adhere to the concepts listed below as well as uncover just how you could raise your calorie melt with a leap rope exercise. Relying on exercise strength, you could quickly shed 10-20 calories each min with leap rope workouts. A 20-minute exercise will certainly melt as lots of calories as a 30-40 min exercise of various other kinds of cardio. The most effective means to raise your calorie melt with a jump rope exercise is with interval training. You could likewise attempt consisting of various other kinds of pitching in your exercise regimen. For instance, with a ‘dual under’, you pass the rope below your feet two times for each leap. You could alternating this with the contrary action, the fifty percent leap, where you hop two times for every rope swing. A jump rope exercise is a simple method to remain healthy and also slim down. Begin slow-moving, as well as carry out in periods with durations of remainder between. This will certainly enable you to gradually proceed and also accumulate rate and also endurance. This is an effective cardio exercise that will certainly enable you to shed calories exceptionally properly. Bear in mind you intend to preserve a modest to rapid rate with the rope when doing a leap rope exercise for calorie melt. Integrating extra actions...

The Benefits of Using Skipping Rope

  Using a skipping rope for playing, exercise, and training is very popular these days. It fits people of all ages from children to adults. People can lose weight and at the same time, they can also have fun. It can be used individually for training or it can also be used as a group for competitions. It can also be used as a training ground to practice teamwork and sportsmanship during sports festivals.   Today, the skipping rope is made from high quality materials such as leather and wood. The rope is made from leather to make it strong and long lasting. The handle is made from fine varnished wood to allow a firm grip. Also, the rope’s length is adjustable so that it can fit in any height. Ball bearings and removable weights are also added to have a better training experience.   The ball bearings are used to attain a smooth and uniform rope rotation. On the other hand, the weights are added to tone the arm muscles and to make the workout harder and even more effective. Jump ropes are usually priced at a cheap price of $20. For this price, one can never lose because of the benefits that it can give.   The benefits of using a skipping rope are the following:   It’s good for improving body coordination.   Aside from being a good exercise for the body, it can also be an exercise for the brain. It makes the brain focused on the feet and knees so the body becomes more coordinated.   It can make the skin healthy and young...

Skipping Rope for Exercising and Playing

    Skipping rope is a really good exercise equipment. It is cheap, lightweight and easy to use. For under £30 , one can already burn calories in only 15-20 minutes. If the skipping rope is used for at least an hour, it can already burn up to 700 calories in the body. Aside from losing weight, it is also a good exercise for the heart. It strengthens the cardiac muscles, making them stronger in pumping blood. According to Dr. Peter Schulman, an associate professor at the University of Connecticut Health Center, it can strengthen the upper and lower body. It applies direct stress on the ankles, knees, and hips, making them stronger.   Apart from exercise, it is also used in the game of skipping. This is a popular game especially for kids where the participant jumps over the rope while it is being swung. It has been considered a sport and yearly competitions are being held in the United States. Participants compete against one another by showcasing different skipping rope tricks and techniques.   Some of the skipping rope techniques used in tournaments are the following: First is the basic jump. Before moving on to advanced techniques, a player must first master this kind of jump where he/she must jump over while the rope is being swung.   The crisscross technique is similar to the basic jump. The only difference is that the jumper’s right hand goes to the left part of the body and vice versa. Next is the double dutch. In this technique, two skipping ropes are used. The ropes are swung from opposite directions...

Skipping Rope Weighted versus Standard Skipping Rope

  Jumping rope can essentially be broken down into two types: skipping rope weighted and standard skipping rope. The use of skipping rope is a simple but very effective cardio workout that merely requires a jump rope and a small space to exercise. These requirements are also the same with weighted skipping ropes. The main difference between the two is the added weight on the handles and cables. The changes in the ropes also mean changes in the type of workout. A normal skipping rope is relatively light and mainly focuses on a user’s footwork, speed and agility. The speed is dependent on how quickly the user’s arms can rotate the ropes. Speed roping is the ideal workout for lightweight ropes and mainly focuses on coordination of the upper and lower body. The speed at which the rope rotates, conditions the hand and the reflexes of the user. Calories are also burned in the process. In fact, when the exercise is done properly, one thousand calories can be burned in an hour. Some consider this exercise as a beginner’s workout simply by the lighter weight of the cables compared to skipping rope weighted. Though it is true that a beginner must start with lightweight jumping rope in order to be familiar with the footwork, it does not mean that the workout itself is for beginners. For example, tennis players and boxers are more likely to use lightweight ropes in order to focus on speed and agility. Skipping rope weighted has heavier handles and cables that focus less on speed and more on muscle strength. This form of heavier ropes...

What our customers say:


As a fitness instructor I am always looking for new training tools to make my classes more enjoyable and effective. This skipping rope feels great in your hands and makes you work out much harder than you would using ordinary plastic ropes.
It doesn’t bounce off the floor because of its weight and does not tangle. Would definitely recommend.


fitness instructor


Great walking poles. These looked really good, feel nice and light weight, yet sturdy and supportive and have been perfect on all my hikes so far. These poles are exceptionally easy to use and I would recommend them for their easy grip handles, the fact that they are easy to collapse and come with a handy carry bag. Delivery was quick too so overall a great quality product and great seller.

Ms. H. F. Wainwright


Great lightweight set of Walking poles. I received my poles about a week ago, and was immediately impressed with how light they were. After having various walking poles in the past, these are easily the lightest. I’m about 5’7″ so they happily adjust to my height, but after having a fiddle with them I think anyone who is 6’6″ or less should be able to get a comfortable length on them.
In use they’ve been great, with the shock absorption being comfortable without being intrusively springy which I have found on other poles in the past.
I would recommend these to anyone who is in the market for a set of poles.

Mr. WMH Watson


Top quality product. Solid wooden handles, genuine leather rope, you can feel the absolute quality of the product from the first touch. Really happy with the purchase!

Filip Reznicek

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